Maria caputo is a singer, pianist, and music director in the tri-state area.


Working in fields as diverse as musical theatre, classical voice, jazz, choral work, and instruction, Maria bills herself as a jack of all trades, master of fun. She is equally at home with the music of Sondheim, Schubert, Strayhorn, and Sánchez de Fuentes.

Her empathy, keen musical ear and flexibility find their way into all aspects of her work, whether it be fine-tuning a vocal line, breaking down a fully orchestrated number and repurposing it for piano-vocal use, playing a song by ear at the keyboard, or developing a young musician's sightreading confidence.

Most recently, Maria joined the Floating Piano Factory as an apprentice technician in New York City. With this group of experts and apprentices, she tunes pianos and expands her knowledge of piano maintenance.

In 2017, she played piano and sang in a house band on Norwegian Cruise Line, performing a mixture of jazz, rock, pop, and musical theatre.

Maria is a soprano with Downtown Voices.

She teaches piano and voice privately in Connecticut and New York, and works as an ensemble teaching artist on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

She served for two summers as the music director and instructor for the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre in Portland, Oregon, where she taught daily music classes in addition to music-directing and accompanying a musical theater production.

While attending Sarah Lawrence College, Maria received the Presser Foundation's Undergraduate Scholar Award.